Please help ! does this photo say its alive?

buraczkuApril 21, 2011


I am writing with great sadness about my orchid. Although it was very nice when i first got it (as a present), then first flowers fell and spikes started to get dry, so i cut the spikes from close to bottom, but they kept on drying.. then i kinda lose hope and left it without water for a month or little longer, then came a new leaf from middle as in the picture. but old spikes are totally dead and dry now, plus the leaves below the spikes got dry and fell as well.. so that's how it looks now..

And i dont know what to do with the dry spikes.. should i just cut them off completely from the body? there are some blackish spots where they are connected to the body

I dont want to throw it, i ll do everything i can to keep it..

thank you very much for your helps, it is a very valuable gift for me..

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westoh Z6

Looks like it can make it to me.

Be sure it is in a pot with holes in the bottom, water heavily @1 time per week, leaf color looks a little too dark so a bit more light may help.

As far as the dried spikes, I'd maybe cut them closer to the base of the the plant, but it is up to you, they won't hurt anything being there.


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thank you very much Bob.

I think the problem is with the drainage. It came in a fancy glass pot, with no holes. so if i water it the water will stay at the bottom, which i know is not good for it. should i re-pot it?

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Yep that can make it but it will take time and effort on your part. I'm not certain where you are but I'm sure there is a Lowe's or Home Depot. Go get a small terracotta pot, not any bigger than that glass deathtrap your plant came in; you might even get the next size smaller. See if you can find the terracotta with holds cut into the sides (aka= an orchid pot).Lowe's also sells the Better-gro sphagnum moss,get that. Take the plant out of the glass plant killer and clean it up. Go through and look for surviving roots, soft mushy is dead and firm solid roots are alive. Cut or pull off the dead stuff. pour some Hydrogen Peroxide all over the root system that's left then let the plant sit out of EVERYTHING for 24 hrs. (this helps seal up the wounded root system)
Now after that go get some heavy limestone rocks to fill the bottom 1/4 of the pot(doesn't really matter what kind of rock,just no gravel size but aliitle smaller than an egg) Your doing this to help your pot not tip over and to add drainage.Your going to put a little moss on top of the rock and position your plant on top of this. Gently fill in with more moss, don't pack it tight just fill it in til it holds the plant well. You're plant still might be wobbly so you can also pin it into the moss with toothpicks too. Now most important...water the plant, then wait and ONLY water it again once the moss is dry on the top layer but you can feel moisture lower down in the pot with your finger! When you water, run it through until it's running out of the bottom of the pot. Now get it in some good light and keep it warm and comfy til fall. Fall is when it needs a temp drop to bloom. Oh fertilize with a weak solution of plant food when you water.Work on that then come back in the Fall and WE (I'm saying that collectively ) will tell you what to do then.

Good job noticing the "no holes in the pot thing" some people don't catch that! gb

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Thank you very much!

I followed your advices, now its in its new holed-pot with new orchid soil, out of some dead roots. watered with a little hint of orchid food.

Fingers crossed until fall!

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yes, thank you ginnibug! I just won a beautiful phal. orchid as a door prize and I don't want to lose it. I don't think it is a home depot orchid, I believe it came from a good florist. Your post answered every question I had. Now I just have to find a spot with the right light.

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