Electra Plant Food-- Is it organic?

hoverflygirlJune 20, 2006

I know the package says "Highly Organic"-- and a staff member at a local garden center said it was organic (although it was the only "organic" product in stock, so I'm wary of his committment)... but is it organic?

"Highly organic" could just mean it's mainly composed of organic compounds as opposed to minerals, right?

I've been googling online trying to find out the manufacturer name so I could ask them directly, but haven't had any luck, there's an odd lack of info available about this product...



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squeeze(z8 BC)

not particularly odd, most manufacturers that deal in wholesale do no advertising directly to the public - if it doesn't have a list of actual ingredients and percentages of them, they don't want you to know, so ...... try compost :)


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username_5(banned for no reason)

To call something "Organic" in the US requires approval by the NOSB.

To call something "Organic based", "Highly Organic", "Natural" and other terms does not.

If it isn't certified organic it probably isn't organic.

Doesn't mean it is bad stuff, it just means that without the label and without any info on it, you can't know.

Espoma products like Holly-Tone and Garden-Tone use the "Organic based" label and it's accurate as most of the stuff in the product is organic, but they use a pinch or two of synthetic fertilizer as well which is why they can't get the organic label.

Are Espoma products bad? I don't think so, but others wish to be 100% organic either due to personal preference or the need to retain/achieve certification. To each their own, but I would never use a product that didn't list the ingredients on the package.

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I'm not sure what "highly organic" would mean. If the label does not list the source of the material I would be very wary of it. Chemically coal and steel are "organic" materials since they both contain carbon, but neither are things you would put into your gardden.

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It is not 100% organic, the principle ingredient is processed sewerage sludge, and small amounts of non-organic plant fertlizers. We use a great deal of it, tons, and the new bags now have a list of the ingredients on them. I will check a bag and post the ingredients when I have a chance, maybe tomorrow.
The maker is the Universal Chemical Company of West Lynn, Mass. While I am not a 100% organic gardiner myself, I do not use pesticides around the home or garden. I love Milorginite on the lawn, but I would say my love of Electra is my downfall!

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Anytime someone uses hyperbole to describe what they are selling be wary. If a product is organic it is organic and you need not add adjectives to enhance the description, so something labeled "highly organic" is meaningless and probably mesleading.

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Ok, here is what is in Electra, I had a chance to check a bag. Listed in this order:
Activated sewage sludge; Dicalcium Phosphate; Potassium Nitrate; Sulfate of Potash; Magnesium.
Basicity is equal to 150 lbs calcium carbonate per ton.
I have never considered it to be an organic feed, but a feed which derives most of its nutrients from organic matter. Have used it for 30 years, and it has never burned, never caused a micronutrient deficit (I use it to correct and prevent this) and always delivered reliable results and a unique smell!

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Unlike most supplements, these products are made from organic foods, not synthetics. Visit the Naturally Nova Scotia website for more information.
Natural Vitamins

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