Paphiness Orchids_am I the last to know?

whitecat8(z4 MN)April 2, 2011

The guy who owns Paphiness is good buddies with Terry Root of the Orchid Zone. OZ has been strictly wholesale for several years, AND Gary (I think that's his name) makes periodic "shopping trips" there for individuals who send him their requests. What could be better than that?

He has orchids for sale on his site, too, including Paph fairrieanum, which doesn't seem to be widely available. His site's being redone, and you email him for a current price list.

Many of his blog and culture articles apply to all/most orchids - sample titles: stolen orchids, what happens when your orchid rests, Parvis for pigs, a gentle intro to genetics, and 9 ways to improve your growth.

So, have y'all heard of this place? Any experiences or perspectives?

Thanks, WC8


Here is a link that might be useful: Paphiness Orchids

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I've dealt with Dean a couple of times. He was pretty on top of it a couple of years back. About a year and a half ago I ordered some things off of his price list that he sends around. This happened and then that and the bottom line is I never got the plants. Now, DON'T misunderstand me he didn't rip me off. I hadn't payed and was waiting for this or that to arrive so he could send them all at once. Then lots of time goes by and some how we strike up a conversation and try another order. Again, nothing. He apologize up and down and even offers me a couple of extra plants but he never gets the whole order together. He is a nice guy, I just think he has tried to spread himself to thin. I even heard he was opening up a nursery but then once again, Nothing. I want to be clear, I'm not trying to bad mouth Dean or the company. The first couple of times I dealt with him everything went smooth and the plants where nice.

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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Thanks Bob. When I signed up for the price list, he said he was emailing it out that weekend. That was weekend before last. No sign of it yet.

He also said his price for a regular ol' Paph fairrieanum was $20. I replied I'd wait till the price list arrived cuz there might be more plants to add to the order. Nada.

Too bad. Having him shop for you @ OZ would be a tremendous resource! Thanks again, Whitecat8

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jamcm(Ottawa Area, Canada)

Hi whitecat8,

Had no idea you had joined the Pouch Side. Actually, most of the Paph vendors do some shopping at Orchid Zone anyways, so it's not like the offer from Paphiness is all that special or unique. If you have a good relationship with one of them, just tell them what you're looking for at OZ and they'll keep an eye out for it. I personally adore Glen Decker from Piping Rock: his plants are rock solid healthy, decently priced, he has a great selection and he's a fantastic enabler, plus he's loads of fun. He has fairrieanum as not available on his site, but you may want to contact him anyways and ask. You never know.


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wc8, thank you for the link. it is dynamite! I am helping a relative newbie. this link along with the one from Mr Ray saves me a LOT of typing!


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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Julie, this is great news about Piping Rock. Sounds like the Paphiness guy got a reeeeeeally good price on his "concierge" shopping trips. For my first 3-4 years in orchids, Paphs and most Phrags did well here. My tastes went other directions and are now cycling back. I've JUST GOT to have about 3 orchids, w/ barely room for any, of course. Wrenching decision. :)

Stitz, you're welcome for the link. Thank Nick, too. I was on about page 25 of Google, looking for a source for that Den. subuliferum and having loads of fun exploring everything along the way.

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Julie, It's not unique that other orchid vendors are shoping at The Orchid Zone. What is special is that you could request a specific item and if available and at the price you agreed upon he would pick it up specificly for you. One time I told Dean I was looking for a Paph. Russ Palmer. He then picked up two and gave me first shot at buying them. The Orchid Zone sells very little without first seeing it bloom. Dean provided photos that he took there. It worked out great.

Whitecat8, Please let me know if he ever does provide a updated price list. I haven't received one for maybe a year, year and a half. I thought maybe due to the fact I finally gave up on him and cancelled the part of the order that he did have, that he possible he took my name off of the list. Also, please join us on Slipper Talk. We are currently doing an auction to benifit the site.

Bob in Albany, N.Y.

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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Bob, thanks for the additional info. I had the guy's name as Gary, but you mentioned Dean?

Thanks for the invitation to Slipper Talk. Right now, the focus is on finding a "No-Mow" solution for the back yard, which now grows dandelions. I haven't even bought any orchids, if you can imagine.

If Gary sends the price list, I'll give a holler. WC8

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Sometimes 'lurking' is costly! Checked out Piping Rock's website and...plant arrived yesterday...a beauty! Thx for the thread whitecat8 and thx Julie for the mention of Piping Rock.

Sheila :)))

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