Phalaenopsis? sun exposure?

chueh(7B)April 13, 2008

My husband just bought an orchid for me from Kroger. I don't know why every time he buys a plant from there, there has never had a label on it for plant name, species, and care.

Since I have never had an orchid before, I checked online to find out how to care for it. I think that it is Phalaenopsis species with yellow and purple spots. The several websites of how to care for orchids I went to did not mention about sun exposure. I keep it indoors, but shall I put it on windowsil, away from windownsil, half way from the window??? Thanks

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

If you have an African violet, treat it the same way. Also, there is a terrific Frequently asked questions about growing Phals.

Short, more direct answer, little or no sun exposure except east in the morning. Phals grow in shady humid jungle conditions. They need light and water but not direct sun unless it is diffused.

Pay attention to the notes on watering. Phals can easily lose all their roots to the dreaded root rot of over watered on a regular basis.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, chueh. Richard is giving you good advice about avoiding hot direct sun.

I do give my phals a little more light than he suggests because I like lots of growth and blooms. But your sun is probably hotter than mine, and as richard suggests, take care not to give direct hot sun. That can damage the plant severely.

What I suggest is easing it closer to a window over a couple of weeks, testing the leaves to make sure they are cool. As long as the leaves are cool to barely warm, the light is not too strong. If the leaves are warm, move further away from the window.

Below is an url to culture notes on growing and blooming phals especially written for new indoor growers by Peter Lin of Big Leaf Orchids. A little time spent reading them will replay you handsomely in confidence about your growing.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing and blooming phals, by Peter Lin

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thank you both. Good advice and very helpful.

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