organic_kermit(6)April 20, 2011

The whole encyclia/epidendrum debacle drives me a bit batty. I have several "epidendrums" and "epi x encyclia" plants and they all are happy being treated fairly the same as far as light, water, and potting media.

My question is about a recently purchased encyclia cordigera. It came to me in a basket in lava and bark. Can I treat this fella like my others? If not is there a type of orchid that you can relate this one to for me?

I can't seem to find any decent info on this guy myself.

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highjack(z6 KY)

I grow mine by watering and then water again when dry.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

In the 19th century a large no. of orchids nobody really knew what it was, was called an Epidendrum. Nowadays many of them have been assigned to other species. Likewise Encyclia has also been split up, though to the best of my knowledge E.cordigera is still an Encyclia. This shouldn't affect culture. They are nearly all medium light intermediates. - Ian.

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Sweet, thanks guys! I was just thrown off by the media and the basket this guy came in. I appreciate the help :)

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Just to muddle the waters, this plant had 3 different names within the first 6 months I had it: Enc.cordigera, Epi. atropurpureum, Enc. atropurpurea. It also goes by Enc. longipetalum and Enc. macrochilum.
Far as I know, it has not yet been a Prosthechea, Panisea or (I think the other musical name is) Anachilum. But just wait.
Luckily, by any name, the flowers smell very sweet.
Cheers - Nancy

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Exactly what I am talking about. And in order to find any specific info I have to search under all of the various names. I have a couple of plants that are epi/enc X enc. I throw in the towel trying to figure those ones out.
I used to be more of a grow and feel it out kind of a person when I had an orchid grower down the road from me. Now that I have to order them and have them delivered I am more cautious and careful the first time around :)

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Try putting Encyclia cordigera into the address below which is the
World checklist of selected plants, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Note that you cannot search on partial names.

Then try putting cordig (and leave Genus blank) into the grex name search at the address below which is the register of orchid hybrids but it is useful in finding species names where the particular species has been used as a hybrid parent.
Also useful in finding names where some parts of a name tag have faded.


Sometimes noted Taxonomists publish name changes that do not get accepted or there is a delay in acceptance. One notable case is Thelychiton kingianum for Dendrobium kingianum which has not been accepted so far by Kew.
There may be some other methods of finding the latest species name and Jays Species site is worth a look.

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