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andi_mn(z4MN)April 15, 2014

help! I repotted my gorgeous 3yr old phal in orchd bark. this baby has the most incredible roots (or did) now a month later leaves are shriveling but the blooms are still on and not shriveled. almost all of the leaves are shriveled. what to do? is it possible that new bark did not hold enough water for her? if I take her out of the pot and the roots are drying up, what can I do to fix and will the leaves get healthy again? I feel sick. this was the most healthy, beautiful orchid that had bloomed for me 3 times.
thanks, andi

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Was the orchid in "orchid" bark or something else before you repotted it? Did you put the plant into a larger pot?

There are numerous past posts about Phalaenopsis on this forum as well complete Phalaenopsis culture notes on the net.

Perhaps you should have waited till the weather warmed up a bit in Zone 4 before you repotted the plant.

Hard to say. Read some of the past Phalaenopsis threads (put Phalaenopsis in the search box at the top of this discussions page to find them) and come back with more details if you are still puzzled.

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