Last buds finally open, but older flowers starting to wither?

mizcaroApril 11, 2010


I'm Caro, a newbie to the Orchid forum, though I've posted on another in the past.

I was given a phal orchid March 13th that still seems very healthy. It had over a dozen blooms to start with and three unopened buds.

Recently the last three buds started to open and they look perfect, but at the same time older blooms have started to wither. The stalk itself seems fine but first the flower wilts and then the little stem gets brownish and starts to get limp and shrivel.

More seem to wilt everyday. There are three different branches holding blooms and there was a bud on each, but only the largest is losing older flowers. The two smaller seem fine.

I am new to orchid care, but I've been very careful with my watering and sunlight. It seemed to be working well enough for the other blooms to open at least, but I have not been fertilizing.

Does this sound normal for the life of the plant? Should I start fertilizing and if so what combination of fertilizer would be best?

Thanks for any experience you can share! I will try linking some pics if that helps!


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Link to pictures of my orchid! Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchid picture

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Figured out how to directly add pic in case someones not comfortable clicking on random links! From Orchid

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Probably normal. Did your room suddenly get warmer? I've noticed Phals will suddenly finish blooming and remaining flowers will wilt as the temps rise suddenly at this time of the year. Another possibility can be fertilizer. I never fertilize plants in bloom for that reason.

The most probable reason would be the plant is finished booming. It looks healthy.


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Hi thanks for the help. I think the problem was that it got too much direct sunlight. Do you know if excess sun causes withering?

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