Miniature Phals

boothbay(7)April 9, 2011

Just saw my first miniature Phal being sold at Lowes. Naturally they are all in full bloom going for $10.98...Are they easier to grow than the normal size ? Also, do they bloom more than the normal size?

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Culture is about the same. I am not sure if they bloom more than once per year, but the blooms last for abt 2-3 months with the right environment.

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Those miniatures aren't real miniatures and WILL eventually grow to a LS over a foot.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

When does an orchid become a miniature? Do you worry about the plant size? Sometimes orchids get described as miniatures when it is good marketing to use the term.
Here is a miniature "phal" that i have not managed to kill though it would be nice if it would make a new growth from the base.
Flowers are just over one centimetre across and the name needs to be updated.
At the local orchid Society you can put your Phal in the following places depending on size and whether it is a species or a hybrid.
Phalaenopsis Hybrids 75mm & over
Phalaenopsis Hybrids under 75mm
Species orchids not from the Americas or Australia
Miniatures: Hybrids and Species orchids, Flower size less than 10mm.

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Unfortunately, showing a beautiful flower does not show the complete size of the plant. At Lowe's they had 3 sections displayed...extremely large and tall with flowers almost 5" wide, then the normal, or at least what i assume as normal, in a 4" inch pot, and then the miniature ones, and so tagged as such, in an extremely 2" or less pot.. It would be nice, in the future if someone wants to show sizes, to take the entire photo from pot to flower, so we all can see.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

This plant is a few inches tall and a couple of inches wide and is probably at least ten years old. I should have included the plant size.

I was trying to get at the confusion that the word Miniature causes in the orchid world.

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I bought 2 miniatures at Home Depot a few weeks ago. They were both flowering, one white and the other purple. Since then the white one is now flowering again and the purple one is budding up. The plants themselves are about 7" tall and the flowers are about the size of a dime. Now if I could just get my other ones to flower! Marg

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westoh Z6

What terpguy said.

My experience is that if you can keep them alive, they'll grow up to be a 'normal' sized phal.

But who knows, they may actually be miniatures, it's one of the problems when buying unlabeled plants: 'You don't know what you got (till it's gone' - JM/BYT :-) )


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

So, in the orchid world those words miniature, Intermediate, Standard, Cluster, relate to the flowers, If you want miniature plants you have to ask your supplier how big a mature plant will be.
Here are Cymbidiums entered in an orchid show in the Miniature Cymbidium section, they are not for the space challenged.

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Arthur, stateside (not talking AOS...just laypeople), the term miniature--without any further qualification--tends to describe overall plant size rather than flower size. If it were about flower size, I usually find people will qualify that they are looking for orchids with "small/tiny flowers".

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