Strange flower

ajeldenApril 17, 2010

I am very new to orchids. We had a fantastic bloom of about 30 flowers this year, however, one of the flowers looks different than the others. Follow the link below to see a photo of it.

In the photo, see how the flower on the left looks normal and has all its frilly things at the bottom, but the flower on the left has no frilly things and looks rather naked.

Is this normal?

Please feel free to educate me on the correct terms to use. I'm sure "frilly things" is not the proper orchid lingo.


Alan Jelden

Here is a link that might be useful: StrangeFlower

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The frilly thing is probably the lip or labellum. (cannot see picture)
In any case, this abnormal flowering happens sometimes, reason unknown and subsequent flowerings are normal.

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highjack(z6 KY)

Arthur is right, the frilly is the lip and will probably be normal the next time.


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Thanks for the replies.

I just re-read my post and want to clarify that the flower on the *right* in the picture (for those who can see it) is the one that is missing the lip.

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