Holy crud, Batman! I got an HCC!

ginnibugApril 19, 2011

My fellow society members are probably chuckling to themselves about this, but you know I had to tell everyone sometime; I can't contain myself!

I got an HCC @ the Central Ind. show this weekend with one of my paphs. I just couldn't believe it! So I guess I am getting better at growing these dag-gone plants. Finally, seems like it's taken forever for me to catch on. So I guess I can't quit now. Onward and upward right? This addiction is the fault of my girlfriend Kathleen, if she wouldn't have given me that Zygo. ;) Yeah me!!! ginnibug

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Congratulations ginnibug!!! But you left out the important part: What paph did you get awarded??

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highjack(z6 KY)

CONGRATULATIONS and where is the picture?

I heard there were only two awarded so that makes your accomplishment even more special.

Onward and upward!


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Good job. Any chance we can see a photo. I'm a paph. grower and I really want to know the cross and see the plant.

Bob in Albany, N.Y.

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You sound like the 80 year old Jewish man confessing to a Catholic priest that he had contact with an 18 year old. The priest, noticing his Yamaka, asked: "Why are you telling me?" Answer: "I'm 80, she's 18, I'm telling EVERYBODY!!"

Congratulations, I know the feeling.


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Oh congratulations!

Nick that literally made me laugh out loud :)


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Ginnie left out the funny part. She named it after her kids "Three Monkeys".


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Good to hear from you Gin and a big Congrats! Where is the picture?
@Nick- you are not redeemable...

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Thanks everybody! Mike's right I named it for my three monkeys, started to call it three monsters but they objected to that. From Magnas= "Mom, I'm not a monster,the two girls are the monsters!" My answer was "well you're certainly no angels,not one of ya!"

I do absolutely love this one,can't quite put my finger on it but I always find myself staring at it alot.
The first picture is what it looked like at the show, the second was from about two weeks before. The flower presentation was much better before. It looked like a waterfall of yellow then.So it's name now is Paph. Primcolor 'Three Monkeys'. This a cross of Concolor and Primulinum.

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Nick I can count on you for a good chuckle, but that was a laugh out loud hard.

Sorry those pictures are icky. One is fuzzy and the other is like a helicopter view.

Bob yep, I know you are on "the slipper side" too. I lurk alot over on SOF and Slippertalk. Gotta love those pouches. ginnibug

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I don't know if this will work but here is what I believe is a better photo that is posted on Slipper Talk


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Oh how funny, I didn't realize he was THAT Darin. I was on the same judging team with him for the general judging. I had to leave before the AOS judging because one of the "monkeys" wasn't feeling her best. I also hadn't looked at the other forums yet. I was clerking and remember putting a ribbon on that Waunakee Sunset. We were judging phrags not paphs. gb

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