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Sheila(8b SW Texas)April 18, 2010

I have new growth on a Rebecca Northern cross from SVO. It has about half a dozen roots that are 2-3" long. The new growth itself is now as tall as the psb it's attached to. Is it time to pot it up and start the water/feed? Also how much sun can this plant take?

I also have one large bulb that an OS member was going to throw away. The bottom 2" of it was getting soft. I brought it home, split that area open, dipped it in peroxide and put it in front of a fan. It dried out fine (it's now 4-5" tall)& no more overly soft spots...but will it still sprout a new growth after losing the base of the bulb?

TIA, Sheila :)

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Sheila, time to pot up your Rebecca Northern and feed/water. It will take Cattleya light, but go easy on it and let it adjust gradually. Do not put it in direct Texas sun at noon although it can take early morning sun.

The surviving bulb can sometimes be induced to sprout from the dormant eyes which run up and down the bulb on two sides. I usually lay it on its side in a potting mix, occasionally wetting the mix down, and keeping it in a humid spot. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't sprout. Either way, it will be a couple years before the it will be at a mature size to bloom.

Good luck.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Thx Carol. I went to SVO's website and found good info on dealing with the newly rooted plant. I'll follow your advice on the other bulb. Had I realized the bottom section of it was soft, I'd not have even brought it home.

Sheila :)

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