St. Augustine grass

Vickie56(7 Texas)June 6, 2005

This is our 1st year for organic gardening. Our St. Augustine was laid 2 yrs ago. Last year it did fairly well. This year we have some bare spots. Now I notice yellowing of the blades. This is spotty yellowing. I mean it's here and there. So far, I have applied corn meal (the cheap brand from walmart),An organic fertilizer, coffee grounds,Texas green sand, and dried cow manure. We bought the hound dog and aerated really well. I looked closely and didn't see any chinch bugs, and I dug 3 spots and didn't see a grub. We have the clay soil. After we aerated we had a good rain. I was hoping to have good results from organic gardening, now my husband thinks I messed up. Did I mess up? What do I need to do now? Please help!!


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squeeze(z8 BC)

in clay, yearly aeration and sand applications [plain ol sand] will improve the soil tilth - try ground/powdered alfalfa for fertilizing - and tell hubby organics takes time, the 'quick fix' chems don't do a thing for the long term health of the soil - does he want to be stuck w/ many yearly applications of chems for the rest of his life? :)


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ziggy_tx(z8 Austin TX)

I started on an organic program last spring and my St. A looks beautiful. It is growing so fast that weekly mowing really isn't enough. There are no weeds because it competes really well. It is slowly taking over the rest of my lawn which is bermuda. It can't happen quickly enough for my liking, I hate bermuda.

How high are you mowing? I mow St A on the highest setting of my mower and it really thrives at this height.

I've never tried manure on the lawn, I wonder if that could be causing a problem? Could there have been some hot spots?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Turfgrass has a high nitrogen requirement. Have you figured out, with all of the things you've added, how much actual N you've applied?

I have to disagree with squeeze about the sand. A little bit of sand mixed in with a clay soil will make a more compacted concrete like clay! Organic matter is the only fix for clay soils. Organic matter applications of all kinds will slowly help create a more sponge like consistancy out of your clay soil.

Don't forget that St. Augustine is a warm season grass and won't really start to get going until the soil really warms up. Clay soils stay cool longer, so that's one more reason for a slow green up. Your grass type will probably look its best in the hottest part of summer!

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Vickie56(7 Texas)

thanks for the replies. the grass looks really great now. we have a few bare spots but they seem to be filling in really good.

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