dog ate bone meal

aussietrio(5a)June 23, 2009

My 40 lb dog just ate a few tablespoons (guestimating) of Bone Meal (Espoma). I have been searching online and can't find the ingredients or if it is toxic to dogs or not. If it is just ground up, processed bone then I won't worry, but I just want to make sure there's no cocoa or anything like that in there. Can someone help?


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greenmulberry(5-Iowa City)

Their web site says it is "100% pure, no additives or fillers", so I personally, wouldn't worry about it. Bone meal is an ingredient in some versions of homemade dog food, although a food grade version is used, but a few tablespoons of 100% bonemeal won't harm him.

who knows, maybe he needed the minerals?

Here is a link that might be useful: espoma products

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Well, I looked at a lot of the other espoma product info and all of them have cocoa meal. I'm guessing this is why my dogs keep trying to get at it. Every time I plant something new with bone meal, they follow behind me and try to dig it up.

Anyway, just to be safe, I made her throw it up.

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Your dog keeps trying to get it because it's bone meal -- not because of cocoa meal. News flash, dogs also like blood meal and aren't above a good roll in fish emulsion either. None of this in moderation will hurt dogs. Dogs like bones. Dogs like stinky stuff. Dogs are dogs.

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Funny you mention this.
I sprinkled bone meal on top of my potted roses a couple of weeks ago. My 2 heathens (I don't mean that; I love them more than anything!) knocked over both pots and ate all the bonemeal and a good bit of dirt. Note to self, lesson learned!

PS - My kiddos never showed any signs of illenss.

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Many commercial dog foods contained Bone Meal as part of the ingrediants, as did many other animal foods until the big scare with Bovine Spongiform in England. Today few animal foods are permitted to contain Bone Meal in the mix.
Bone Meal is simply ground up animal bones, from the animals that are slaughtered to provide the meat you eat. Some research has found that Bone Meals are not as good a nutrient source as some years ago because of the way we feed these animals today so the bones do not have a chance do develop as they once did and the animals bones are barely able to keep them upright anymore.
The Bone Meal your dog ate is not going to do any harm.

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It won't hurt them if it's just bonemeal. But absolutely don't use anything with cocoa meal in it. That can be harmful to them. Many dog foods and a lot of the premade raw dog foods contain bonemeal, bone dust or ground up bones. My dogs eat bones almost every day. The bonemeal for the garden is lower quality, but a tiny bit won't hurt.

BTW....Dogs are not susceptable to BSE so don't worry about that. In fact, most cows that die from "unknown causes" are rendered into dog foods.

Personally, I buy fertilizers without bonemeal or bloodmeal in them so as not to tempt the dogs to dig up my garden. I don't use any products that are not safe for the dogs to eat either, just in case.


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How does one go about making a dog throw up? =O lol

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jnfr(z5b CO)

I don't have dogs, but we do get raccoons, and I had to stop using fish fertilizer when the raccoons dug up everywhere I used it, trying to find the fish.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

To jersey girl one method of making a dog throw up is to put hydrogen peroxide in water that was recommended to me by the vet after a dog got into some rat poison

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Well - at least we know there's no chance the dog will contract BER.


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Yes, hydrogen peroxide (I mix with milk) will make a dog puke within a few mins.

I do give my dogs raw bones that I buy from kroger's meat market so I'm not worried about just the bone part. I just wanted to be safe not knowing if cocoa was in there or not.

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Better safe than sorry. Cocoa is very toxic to dogs so it was smart to induce vomiting if you were not sure.

I had to do the same once when one of my dogs ate a plate full of onions (also toxic to dogs).


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I was disappointed to find out that bone meal was poisonous to pets. please read the article from the following link.âÂÂ

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

mmm! poisonous hey? did the dogs get sick 'aussietrio'?

ours eat chook poop, kangaroo poop, they've eaten chook poop fertiliser, none ever got sick.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens garden page

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Bone meal is used in the garden for Phosphorus, not Nitrogen as is implied in the linked article. There is available Blood and Bone Meal which may be what the people writing the article are referring to which would be poisonous to any animal.
There is also dietary bone meal which would be a better choice if one wants to feed that to their pet, but if the bone meal in the garden is properly mixed in to the soil the dog would have a larger problem from the soil then the bone meal.
I wonder why someone dug up this 4 and a half year old post to put this misinformation out.

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British epidemiologists at one time thought that two of their "mad cow" human victims likely got the disease from handling steamed bone meal, as they were both avid gardeners who used it and had no other obvious source of the prion.

I wonder if that is still the theory.

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Bone meal is harmful to eat in large amounts because it can form obstructions in the stomach/intestines.

-edit- This was actually taken care of from the link posted before

Also, on the N content of bone meal...if it's steamed it's nearly bare of N (though some claim values of 2-3 N (NPK)). If it's dried/crushed it can contain a 4-5 N (NPK) value of N. That said, almost all commercial bone meal is steamed and personally I'd ignore it's N content given it's lack of quick availability anyway.

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ok, 85% of your bone is phosphates. phosphates include, mono, bi, tri and sodium. bone meal is finely crushed bone. but in its condensed form it is toxic. trisodium phosphate is TSP and is a very toxic cleaning product. but trisodium phosphate can also be found in food products like cereal. so it is found everywhere and sometimes it is toxic, like in fertilizer and cleaners. But it is a popular supplement for athletes as well. Back to Bone Meal as a fertilizer, keep away from pets. if they digest any, take him to vet if he shows signs of ill effects.

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Yes, take him to the vet five years after the fact.

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