Encyclia polybulbon?

quinnfyre(z7 PA)April 1, 2010

What can you tell me about Encyclia polybulbon? I got one, mounted, from Oak Hill over the weekend, as I really admired one I saw at an orchid show last year. Do the 'bulbs' stick around, or do they die out as the plant grows new ones? Does it have a time of year where it likes to grow more than others, and a more dormant period? Do the bulbs stay plump when properly watered, or does it wrinkle eventually like oncidium types tend to? I've been focusing more on the Angraecoids and Pleurothallids, so I don't know too much about how these behave. It is currently in a south window that is covered only with a sheer mesh curtain, maybe about 5 inches from the glass. I've been watering it when it the mount dries out a bit; it is mounted on a wood plaque with sphag.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Just for kicks, here's a pic that I took of it today:

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quinnfyre, Your Encyclia polybulbon (syn Dinema polybulbon) is grown similar to Cattleya. I have a small potted one which flowered recently. I may choose to mount mine, soon. It seems to do better when grown that way. It's a popular plant around here.

I find it a difficult plant to kill. Others disagree. Don't even think about growing it like an Oncidium.

Your foto shows a blooming size plant. It's a delightful li'l orchid with BIG flowers relative to the plant's small size!

Please, note the link provided below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Encyclia polybulbon

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Thanks for the info. I'm delighted that you say mine is blooming size. That means if all goes well, it should bloom for me! So by saying it is grown like a Cattleya, you mean it needs Cattleya light? I hope I have enough. It is in a south window. Well, we shall see, I guess.

This is what got me interested in it in the first place. These were taken at an orchid show last year:

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Here's a photo of one that I took at a recent show...

Mine does fine with Cattleya light but it's growing on moss which most of my Cattleyas wouldn't be happy about.

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

I've had mine for 4-5 years I think, but it doesn't seem to appreciate the really high light levels. It's mounted on cork, gets a partially shaded area outside in the summer and an east window in the winter with a little bit extra CFL light. Seems happy enough, is crawling on both sides of the mount and bloomed sometime during the winter.

I agree with all the above, don't even attempt to grow this one in a pot. Mine came potted and didn't do anything until I mounted it.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Yes, the ones i've seen over the years have either been on a mount or "potted" in a very shallow tray. A well grown and flowered plant is a delight.

Dinema polybulbon might be the current name.

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