Heather__Michigan(Z5)April 11, 2010

I posted a message about a month ago about fertilizer because my phals haven't bloomed in several years. The sugestions were more about light, but it seems they are getting plenty of light in a large East facing window.

Well I decided to change the fertilizer anyway from a 19-31-17 fertilizer to a 30-10-10. Both are recommended for orchids. Anyhoo,.. Now ALL 4 of my phals are sprouting a new leaf each. I'm happy they are healthy, I wish they were spiking instead though.

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Z5 east window really isn't much for a phal. Congrats on the new leafs :) but listen up when multiple people tell you to increase your light ;)

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This is the 'norm' for Phals. Springtime they grow new leaves. They make leaves first, spike in the fall. Fertilizer high in Nitrogen promotes green growth...leaves. Your best chance for spikes (flowers) in fall is increased light and cool night starting around late Aug-Sept. You will need to cut back on the high nitrogen fertilizer in late summer.


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I you have a place where you can leave your plants outside in late summer the cool nights in Sept. will set buds. It only takes about two weeks of 50's to do the job. Flower spikes will start popping in a month or two.

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I assume you dilute your fertilizer to achieve the "weakly,weekly" widely advised. I agree with Jane, I think it is the season rather than the new ratio :-)). Can you move one plant to a higher light area to see for sure if low light is preventing spikes? If so I hope you will let us know, we are all beginners, some have just been beginning longer than others!

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julysun wrote,
"let us know, we are all beginners"



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orchid126(z6, NJ)

You switched from a high nitrogen fertilizer (19) to an even higher nitrogen (30) fertilizer. High nitrogen tells the plant to grow lush leaves, not flowers. As Jane, leisurely, and julysun have all said, the season has a lot to do with when the plant blooms, but using a low nitrogen fertilizer will also be a big help.

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I don't know if my question will have anything to do with this post but I need HELP!!!! I'm a beginner when it comes to orchids so I don't know much. I bought three orchids from the local grocery store and they are doing really well. when I went to clip off the dead stalk hoping it would force new growth I accidentally cut off a new stalk that was beginning, it already had flower buds on it. So what I'm asking is will the new stalk that I cut off re-grow if I dip the end in rooting hormone and plant it in a pot?

Please I need help, I don't want it to die!
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Bianca, sorry to say that the cut off spike will not re-grow. These little accidents are part of the hobby of orchid growing. Maybe if the new stalk was cut above a node and not at the base a side shoot will appear from a node on the stem attached to the plant and you will be happy. But these side shoots never have as many flowers.

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