That's differant...? Phal pic. What is that?

cardarlin(5)April 21, 2011

Can anyone tell me what this is?

This phal I got from a super market on clearance. It was not in the greatest shape and only had two leaves on it with an old spike. The spike stayed green so I left it. After a couple of months some new buds formed on the old spike. Now I'm seeing this on the bottom of the plant. You can also see a new leaf trying to emerge from the top of the base that was broken off.

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westoh Z6

At some point the phal has had crown rot and is trying to throw a basal (from the main stem) keiki. It is it's attempt to continue to survive. A keiki is a baby plant produced from the mother plant.

Unless this plant has special meaning, I'd give up the ghost. It will be a couple of years (if you are lucky) before you see more blooms. A lot of effort for a clearance rack purchase, IMO.

If you do try, read up on general phal culture/care (house temps, indirect light, water heavily when dry, good drainage, fertilize weakly/weekly, etc...) and Good Luck!


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I've heard this before. That you shouldn't waste time on the plant because it won't bloom for a long time. Since I purchased it, it has also started more blooms from the old spike that are about to open. 7 to be exact. So it is doing all this while throwing up a basal keiki. I think that's pretty impressive and will hang on to it anyways. Because it's a lot of fun. Thanks anyways!

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I'm with you, cardarlin. As long as you're having fun, I think it's very gratifying to nurture a plant, imminent blooms or not.

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