my phal did not bloom this winter...

woollady(z8 CA)April 29, 2014

hello everyone, i have a few phals that did not bloom this winter.i used to put them outdoors in a breezeway until weather got too cold.1n spring 2013 we enclosed the breezeway and they have been in there since under lights.they all look great and are growing nicely,but no blooms.i don't know where to put them outdoors,in the breezeway they had no sun on them.i have an east facing house with lots of sun until 1pm.i have a west facing arbor with lattice on top with bright dappled shade.i have a north facing yard,very bright,does get some sun ,i live in the country no trees,just a bright swimming pool.can you tell me which side would be best or how to protect them?can they handle any sun at all?thank you all for your time.

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Wood lady,

You enclosed your breezeway. So I assume they aren't getting the temp fluctuations they need. That's likely why they haven't bloomed in combination with not enough light.

You can put them outside in an area where they get a couple hours of morning sun (sunrise-11am) or evening sun (5pm until sunset).

Protection from rain is critical if where you live gets frequent summer rain. It's not as serious if the rain is infrequent, as long as the rain occurs in the first half of the day (2nd half of the day the plant might not dry out fast enough and could result in rot). Otherwise you'll have to wick waster out of the crown to prevent crown rot.

The most ideal scenario is under a porch where it'll get the morning/evening sun but none during the peak hours between 12-4pm. And won't get rained on.

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woollady(z8 CA)

thank you terpguy for your reply.yes we enclosed the breezeway and made it into a plantroom for me.i have over hundred houseplansts,orchids,cacti etc.i have a slider at the west end and a large window at the east end,with 2 solar tubes in the's a great aftraid to leave the door and window open at nite because we get raccoons and skunks here almost every gave me some good info ,we never get rain in the summer here ,which i wish it would do occasionally.i do have an east facing front porch that goes to the front door,with sun from sunrise to about 10: 30am.will they be okay there when the sun is really hot on those high 90s and 100s?

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zzackey(8b GA)

I was told that phals need cold stratification to bloom. I put mine outside for a few nights in the fall when the temps are right around 50 for the low and it bloomed.

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Zackey, that's basically true. Except the minimum doesn't have to be 50 per se. As long as it drops 15F you should get blooms.

There is a maximum threshold however. I don't recall off the to of my head the numbers exactly but if the minimum is something like 85F or above (dropping from +100F), you won't get blooms at that point.

15F differential below that will net you flowers.

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I would ask how their growth is otherwise? They didn't bloom but did they make good growth? Roots, leaves?

East sun is great. You could probably grow them in your east windows if you get the temp drop.

If your plants are growing well, the only thing missing would be the temperature drop.


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woollady(z8 CA)

hi jane-they are growing nicelly with new leaves and roots,the leaves are shiny green.thanks for your output.

hi terpguy -do you think the east facing patio will be too hot for them when the sun is hitting them when out temps are in the 90s and 100s?
hi zackey-thanks for your response.yes they used to bloom for me when outdoors in the breezeway .before it was converted.

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zzackey(8b GA)

From what I remember in the orchid nursery in Vero Beach those temps seem too hot for me. We were probably low to mid 80's with fans blowing all day long.

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Jane nailed it. East would be great, as long as they get the temp drop there. In my area summers as a rule are regularly in the 90s during the day. Phals can do that just fine, so that won't be a problem as long as they are out of the sun during the hottest part of the day (between 11am-5pm).

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westoh Z6

Be sure to acclimate them slowly to the sun, they will burn if you don't. I use a very heavy pet proof door screening in front of my stands on an east facing patio for the first few weeks. After 3-4 weeks, I remove the screening and put any light sensitive plants towards the back of the stands to let the others shade them a bit. My stands also sit under the eaves to help give shading from 11:00AM on...

Good luck,


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woollady(z8 CA)

thank you terpguy and westoh,and zackey for all your replies and help.i really appreciate it!

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