Is this crown rot? (Pictures)

nicolewilletteApril 16, 2011

Hi everyone -

I have had this orchid for about a year now, and it's always been very pretty, up until a month ago. I think it is a phal. of some sort, although the leaves are weird.


The crown is probably six inches tall. About four months ago, the plant spiked and bloomed (had one bud blast). A month ago, ALL of the leaves turned to mush, and started dying from the bottom, up. All of the roots shriveled away and died. The crown turned black, and when I went to pick up the plant yesterday, the plant shook a bit and a third of the crown fell off. I've been wanting to repot it for some time now, but 1) am not sure WHERE to place the ribosome, since it is so tall and 2)I don't really think it's going to make it, if it isn't already completely dead.

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It looks to me like the opposite. The roots drying and shriveling to me sounds like they died of dehydration. Crown rot is a rot that starts with the new leaves in the top center (ie crown). It is hard to say without knowing your treatment of the plant. But it looks dead to me.
I always repot my phals immediately upon bringing them home. With them there is no need to wait.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The "Phalaenopsis" in the brown pot probably has some Doritis influence hence the smaller leaves and it looks fine. The plant in the clear pot shows general decline due to unsuitable conditions or some event such as being suddenly chilled and then having to get through the Northern winter.

Crown rot starts in the centre at the top of an otherwise healthy plant.
Maybe the plant has gone to far down the declining slope to be saved but i'm leaving that to the local experts.

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I water weekly, so I don't think it could really be dehydration. I do wonder if it had something to do with the northern winter.

And the last one, in the clear pot, is the same as the one in the brown pot.

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How do you water him?

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highjack(z6 KY)

It is the same thing as crown rot but instead of rotting from the top down, it started at a lower leaf junction and went up the stem.

You can saturate the remaining stem and leaves with regular peroxide and see if it will sprout roots but sadly, I think it is too far gone.


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