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wildaboutrosesJune 29, 2011

Hello, I am brand new to the Web and hope I have chosen the correct forum for my question. I am getting a new fence installed next week. I am also going to plant a blueberry hedge on the inside of that fence. In the past I have had a small rose garden up against the fence and even with a brick edging could not keep my neighbor's grass from marching into to it and making it a mess. I have researched steel and alumimum barriers but found none of them affordable solutions. I need about 240' of barrier. I am wondering if any of you experienced gardeners have found an affordable solution to keeping grass from the other side of the fence from marching into your crops. Thank you.

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I have not found anything of low cost that would work. What you found is low cost long term and will be effective.

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I can't think of anything either.

Maybe try...
-2 layers of brick across & up - with concrete (think curbing, wall, etc.)
-dig the edge 2-4x a year to cut the invading grass roots - be sure far enough away from the blueberries, so you're not damaging their roots though
-to get neighbor interested in gardening & they might install a garden bed with deep mulch next to fence instead of grass. Maybe they like one type of plant & will begin to collect them to plant along the 240'. Offer to help the collection begin by giving a gift. There might be free plant swaps in your area to fill up the bed with daylilies or something else prolific in your climate.

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