Cattleya orchids

boothbay(7)April 16, 2011

Lowe's is selling loads of them in all sizes some going for 6.98, the next 10.98. Never tried them. I read where they need cool temperatures..that is impossible here in the NY summer..BTW, none of them show who knows when they will bloom. If they are as easy as Phals and Den, which i have tried...i may go for it.

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They like it warm, lots of light but no direct sunlight and they will bloom out of the 5th or 6th growth. Count the strong pbulbs, many will bloom out of the 5th but most will do so on #6. They are easy.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Not as easy as Phal or Den. Need v bright light but will burn in direct sun.Warm temps all year round 55-90F. Prone to disease.

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stefpix(6b NY [Brooklyn NY])

I bought some on clearance for a dollar or 2 at a Lowes. Some Cattletonyas and Blc. They were on sale because they had been sitting on the shelf 2 or 3 months. The Cattletonya is growing new growth and roots and the Epc Serena Tinkerbell is growing like a weed in my window with 5/ 5 purplish PBs.

Other were in poor shape and I cut off dead roots and PB and mostly are 2 PB and they are growing new leads.

Also got for a dollar a Trichocentrum Ollie Palmer and the leaves were shriveled and bent now it perked up. new roots and 2 new ghrowths.

SO I have been lucky with these bags. I am not sure if I can bloom them easily but I put some of these outside from Mid April to mid October.
I also saw a Bc Kosh Wallis that had a ton of new growth and spikes. looks like a Brassavola nodosa somehow.
And Bl Yellow Bird.

I would go for it, pick one or 2, you can see what is healthy.


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