Orchid spike stalled out?

dannie317April 15, 2013

Hi, I've searched around for a similar issue, and I don't see it. Any thoughts on what would cause a spike to stall? I've got this fairly thriving phal since last year, and I've been patiently waiting for a re-bloom. If you see the photo, you'll see the whitish-looking breakthrough on the right side: that's a spike. It's easier to identify as a spike from the other side, but it's got the little pointed mitten look that spikes have. It broke through about TWO WEEKS AGO! And nothing since! And I'm trying hard not to be pouty about this, but what the heck?!

And then, this past Thursday, I noticed the one on the left. That's also a spike. It's noticeably larger since I found it last week. And suddenly there's three other roots bursting out as well: two on this side and one on the other. So it looks like I'm going to get my flowers after all, but any ideas why that first spike quit on me?

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I can't tell from your photo. They look like roots to me. I don't see the mitten...


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I second that, it looks like a root to me. I would suggest give it more light and most likely come late fall it will throw a spike. Depending on the breeding it may even throw a spike earlier in the year.

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They are both definitely spikes. I know it's hard to tell from the photo, but they're pointy and thin, not rounded at all, and each has a little pointed groove along its side.

The question I was posing was why one spike would break through and then just quit. Could it actually be TOO MUCH light? My building is glass, and though I try to keep the plant out of full sun, this south-facing "window" is all light, all the time. Temperature could be a factor, I guess. It gets really warm on this end of the building sometimes. I'm just hoping to prevent it from happening again.

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If they are truly spikes, I would guess its temps. Too warm.


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Patience, Obi Wan. Rome wasn't built in a day and spikes aren't bourne in 2 weeks. Give it time, they move quickly but not that quickly. Turn your back and let the plant do its thing.

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Patience is a virtue completely foreign to me!! :)

Anyway, the second spike has taken off, but the first, for whatever reason, has chosen to give up. It never really made it past breaking through the leaf (it's not visible here in this pic, the new root is blocking it). It could have something to do with that lowest leaf dying off and a new one coming in. Regardless, at least I have one spike of pretty new flowers in my future!

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I thought I'd post a follow-up, now that all 10 buds have opened. I love it!

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