Something is eating my eggplant and pollination

Mindyw3(5)July 4, 2011

1. How do eggplants pollinate? I see a bud, just curious if its somethign I will need to help along.

2. Something has been eating the crap ot of the leaves since the day I transplanted it although I NEVER see any bugs on the plant. I caught a caterpillar red handed munching my radishes to death (I let him, he was cute) but I want my eggplants!!! I tried a soap and water spray (castille soap) and it did nothing. Infact, the very next day I notice 2 leaves ona squash plant were almost entirely eaten and that plant had zero insect damage prior to that. I think all it did was made the bugs mad....

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Most common pests of eggplant in my experience:

1. Potato beetles -- that could be PB damage. Look for the larva in particular. They are very satisfying to squish.
2. Flea beetles -- that is not FB damage.
3. Slugs -- could be slug damage.
4. Margined blister beetles -- rarer, but will do a lot of damage fast. Squish, but wear a glove to do so.

Gotta figure out what's doing the damage before you treat. Look especially early in the morning and/or at dusk. That's the best time to find PB larva and slugs.

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