Really short bean plants blooming

Mindyw3(5)July 4, 2011

Should I pinch them off or let them be? My worry is thee plants aare so small and I don't think I will get much if they starting producing at now. THe box is 12 inches high if that gives an idea of how tall the bean plants are:

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I wouldn't pinch them. What type of beans did you plant? Are they bush or pole beans?
I am growing Kentucky Wonder and Scarlett Runner pole beans as well as Roma and Tendergreen bush beans.
I would guess that you have planted a bush bean variety and they look healthy!

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Pinching off the blooms is for PERRENIAL plants. I don't think I would pinch off blossoms on any annuals like beans or other garden things.

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nanagarden - they are bush, french filet. And thanks!!

rockguy - the reason I asked is that,a nd bear with me I'ma newbie, I wonder if letting them produce now will stunt their growth and decrease teh overall harvest, so that is why i was questioning if I should let it prodce now or pinch them off until the plants are larger. Does that make sense?

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don't pinch

blooms will produce beans even if not much & can get a 2nd crop of beans from them after you pick 1st (even though bush don't crop as much as pole beans, seems like I can still pick for a few weeks or more

Try not to disturb them when in flower or it can fall off, then no beans for sure.

usually beans don't require much for fertilizer, so the problem might be your soil, so you can't really fix that this year

Maybe you can plant more beans in another space you have & those will take off. More compost might correct your problem if you just top off the beds with it. I'm not familiar with your soil mix you mentioned in another post.

I don't know your climate specifics for gardening, but bush beans are fast to harvest & count back from your 1st frost - days germination to harvest, so add a bit for germination.

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