Should I give up on these peas?

Mindyw3(5)July 4, 2011

They are about 6-7 weeks old and less than a foot tall. I've tried everything to get them to grow. ANd man are they dumb. They tried to grow on everything BUT their supports and even after I twist tied them to them they are trying to grow any direction but up....

ANyway, my mother said its just too hot for them but we have had several cold days and I still see VERY little growth. Is it time to tear them out? If so, can I grow a fall crop and how?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Depends on your reasons for growing the peas. If it's just to see how they do I'd leave them alone and watch and learn. I find that some pea sowings zoom away and others just sit there. And yours would be happier climbing the wire netting than the bamboos because the tendrils like something thin to cling to. They don't twine like beans.

However, if you are actually hoping to eat some peas, however well those plants grow you will get no more than a spoonful of peas off them. You need a LOT of pea plants to get a decent crop. I can see about half a dozen there. Not enough for one portion for one person.

If it's for food - give up. If it's for curiosity - keep going. Look on it as an experiment.

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When you try again, growing snap peas (where you eat the pod and all, sort of like a snap bean) will produce more food, though it's still not going to be a lot of food per square foot. I'm planning to attempt pole snap peas this fall; we'll see if I get anything to eat.

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I'm getting ready to plant out 3 different types, two with edible pods sometime today. The thing I don't understand about fall planting is do I need to shade the plants? Its crazy hot all the way up through september here and then usually sddenly turns cold. Our spring is the same way. We can have snow on the ground the second week of may and then 80-90 degree temps a week later. I can't seem to find a whole lot of info for climates like that.

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