schmidtkoffApril 26, 2011

i've been here in sc for too many years. a transplant from roch. ny. a dear friend of mine in rochester set me up with a green house for orchids in the coal bin of my basement. at that time i probably had about 150 orchids. in the middle of winter i would go down and sit under the lights, and felt i was in 7th heaven. sold that house and gave away the orchids. my bad. now, here in sc i would like to get into growing mini-cats? is this conducive to this environment?

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What kind of lights are you using?

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terpguy - i am not currently growing orchids. but in rochester my green house in the basement had about 16 fluorescent lights, a humidifier and a fan. lights etc. were all on a timer. the mini cats that i grew were in my dining room and did not get a whole day full of sun. but they bloomed reliably. to grow them here in south carolina the sun is relentless and the humidity and temps are high. up in rochester the mini cats had different bloom times. one bloomed around christmas. and if you know anything about rochester in winter, well the fact that the mini bloomed then in gray skies and hardly no sun nor additional light source is a miracle.

sorry to take so long to post a response.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Maybe the way to go might be to contact some of the local orchid societies to see how they grow their orchids. "sun is relentless and the humidity and temps are high" mean that you would need an appropriate amount of shading if you wish to grow outside in summer. Some mini cats, especially those with a lot of Sophronitis in the breeding like it a bit cooler.

Sorry, not much help.

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