Grcym. Lovely Melody Sweet

shellhoya(5-6)April 21, 2010

I picked up one of these when on an out of state job almost a year ago. We were painting, organizing, redecorating the "previous owners" house. I saw this plant by her window one day, and the next day she had thrown it in the trash. I rescued it because it was alive, just couldn't stand to see it in there! So it decorated my hotel room for the week we were there, and then I brought it home.

After doing some research online, I found out that the black leaf ends she'd been cutting off (and probably why she threw it away) were signs that it was actually getting enough light to bloom. I repotted with orchid mix in a clay pot, and for nearly a year now it's just been hanging out on my plant table. I have managed to keep it alive, at least.

Basically, I have no experience with orchids and not much luck with house plants in general. I've been watering this plant when it feels light, and I use bottled water because I read it needs distilled or rain water (figured the bottled water was at least purer than our mineral laiden town water). I had some new growth last year, then lost a couple leaves a few weeks back...they turned yellow and then dried up brown. No leaf loss since. I'm wondering what I can do to take proper care of this plant, in order for it to bloom.

Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

I just saw this hybrid for sale on Ebay a few days ago. It's a cross between Gramatophyllum scriptum and Cymbidium ensifolium. Interesting! Apparently this likes bright light, warmth, and a decent amount of water during the summer (comparable to oncidiums). If the leaf loss is on old bulbs, you don't have to worry too much. Bottled water is probably not necessary...sometimes minerals are good and in fact required! Not sure if this is a heavy feeder or not..maybe someone more experienced can chime in.

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