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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)April 21, 2010

I purchased a SLC three weeks ago at my local orchid society show. The vendor told me I could mount it when it was through flowering. Today was the day to tackle the project. I chose a 7x7 piece of fern fiber that I tucked away after another orchid died.

Somehow while trimming roots I knocked off an eye. While securing the plant to the fern fiber with raffia I noticed two additional eyes that seem to have been eaten by something.

My questions are:

Is a SLC a good candidate for mounting on fern fiber?

Was there anything I should have done to the recycled fern fiber before mounting a new plant on it?

Should I have cut off the two eyes?

Should I put netting or pantyhose with medium around the roots to get it started?

Thanks for your patience and answering my questions.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

1. Slc is a good candidate for mounting. Any of the smaller Catt hybrids will do very well.
2. If the treefern fiber is still holding together then you can use it. I would soak it in water with a bit of dish soap and alcohol to make sure bugs are gone. Or spray with an insecticide.
3. Don't cut anything green off. The eyes may or may not sprout, there are eyes you can't see yet.
4a. That is not necessary and also ugly. The old roots won't attach. The plant must be attached so that it will not move in some way. Catts should have little or no sphagnum.
4b. It is important that the new growth be against the mount. In the case where I don't know where that is, I prop the plant up in a pot with some rock pieces and wait until it sprouts to mount it.
5. You are welcome.

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