Can soybean meal be made into a tea?

gram999(6)July 28, 2010

I recently made alfalfa tea after reading on this forum, but can you make soybean meal tea? I've searched & searched & can't find anything on it.

I bought soybean meal for our lawn & am also hoping that it helps 2 maple trees that have sparse leaves & branches dying. A week ago, I "threw" alfalfa pellets from the trunks to the canopies. I probably should put this on the tree forum. I can't afford an arborist. I thought about planting 2 new maples behing them in case they die. They are 26 yrs. old. I don't see anything wrong with the bark or insect damage. If it helps, we're in the Kansas City area. I've read SBM is better than alfalfa, so I was hoping to make a tea so it would work faster.

Thanks for any ideas.

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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

Aren't all soybeans in the US now GMO's? I'm under the understanding that they are but I really don't know for sure so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)
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Thanks, but I was wondering if soybean meal could be made into a tea like alfalfa tea and used for plants.

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I suppose the best way would be to make some and try it on one plant to see what happens.
RE the GMO the DNA may have been altered but even the altered parts are organic so it will break down in the soil like anything else but just to be safe I would use it on the soil and not the foliage.

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Thanks a lot, hoodat. I usually find answers to my questions here by searching. I don't remember asking for help before.

I've been making alfalfa tea in 5 gal buckets. The next time I need some, I'll try 1/2 alfalfa & half SBM & see what happens. My plan is to use it as a soil drench around the trees.

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DrHorticulture_(Z3 Central Saskatchewan)

Not if you filter it. The protein particles have to be decomposed by soil bacteria for the nutrition to be made available to plants. A slurry is fine.

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