Can this Phalaenopsis be divided? (pics)

heidi_2010April 13, 2011

Hi everyone.

I am kind of new to orchids. I have 5 phalaenopsis now. Got my first one about a month ago.

Yesterday I bought another one and I'm not sure if it is 1 plant or 3 separate plants. It is a mini orchid in one of those little 2 inch pots. Can this plant be divided? I'm not sure, since I am new to them. To me it looks like 3 separate plants. I plan on repotting it once it is done flowering. I have some Hoffman Orchid Mix to plant them in.

I was also wondering about fertilizing. Do I fertilize them when they are flowering or only when they aren't flowering?

And the flowers.

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My Orchid book names certain types of Orchids that can be divided, Phals was not among them. As for fertilizing, it says to always use a proprietary orchid fertilizer to your watering water, but omit it entirely every third or fourth watering. By that it seems like it makes no difference if they are in bloom. What you see at the base of your Phal are small canes that eventually take over the larger one. I have 4 of them myself ..they do look tempting enough that you may think it can be divided...If you like to risk it...go for it. You say you have 5 more of them. LOL

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highjack(z6 KY)

If the extra growth is a basal keiki it is best you leave it attached to the plant. Depending on the genetics, it is not uncommon for Phals to produce basal growths.

If the grower put multiple plants into a pot you should see they are two or three plants with different root systems.

My old eyes are not seeing what Boothbay is describing as small canes. I see roots and spikes - the roots are the newest roots and support the newest growth. The spikes will eventually dry up and can be cut off.

I fertilize year round in bloom or out of bloom.


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These are indeed basal keikis. I have this one myself and it grew a couple. Its one of those "mini" phals they sell, Sogo Gotris 'Flora Ark'. I'd leave it be.

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Thanks everyone.
I repotted it and they were attached to each other, so I left them and just put them in the new orchid mix.

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