Potato dilemma

robbiemacJuly 5, 2011

This year was an experimental year for trying to grow potatoes. We bought 10 lbs of seed potatoes in April, planted the beginning of May. I am getting a very good crop of Norland (early red) that are starting to die off. The white and Yukon Gold are still going strong and may be a while before I can harvest them.

So I was thinking that since the early reds are finishing, I would plant buckwheat in those rows, in about 6 weeks till that in, then plant another sowing of early reds around Sept.1. I was going to see if they would store in the ground throughout the winter under a thick blanket of straw.

My problem that I did not foresee is that I can't find any seed potatoes this time of year at a reasonable price. I'm guessing this is normal? If so, how do I get to a late sowing of potatoes? Buy seed potato in the spring and store them until ready for a late summer sowing? Will they keep that long?

Thanks for any help you can give this novice.


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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Storing the seed that long isn't very practical. What I would do is get the kind you want from either your early harvest or some at the grocery store about 5 weeks before planting time.

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