Oncidium won't bloom

Sweetpea7458April 18, 2011

I have 4 oncidiums, all are on the same shelf, so they receive the same growing conditions: light(west window - Chicago), humidity and temps(winter day 70-72; night 66-68). Two plants bloom like crazy but the other two haven't bloomed in 4 years. Any suggestions on what I need to do to make the two who don't want to cooperate, bloom?

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See where they are from. Areas of Mexico and Central America are bone dry during certain times of the year. Imitate that with your plants if they are from there.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

May I suggest that it might possibly because there is not enough difference between the day and nighttime temperature? Many of these plants originate from the Atlantic forest, an area of Brazil very close to where we live. Climatic conditions are very different from those inside the average house! In spring and fall, which are the two hottest seasons, they can soar to 90+ during the day, dropping back at night to around 60. In "winter", which is often very dry, conditions are even more extreme with a daytime max of about 80, falling at night to around 45-50, which is a lot cooler. Only in summer, which is usually more cloudy and wet is there not so much difference between the day and nighttime temp, 70-85. What you could do is put your plants outdoors for part of the year, so that they get exposed to a bigger diurnal range. Most of my plants are autumn flowering, but yours might not be.

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