Organic Deer/rabbit spray for veggies

Gertrude1(6)July 9, 2014

Can anyone recommend a spray to keep deer and rabbits out of my garden? Home recipes and commerical products recommendations are appreciated.


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The Colorado Division of Wildlife recommends whisking an egg and a teaspoon of chicken bouillon in a gallon of water and spraying everything. I use a blender to mix it up, and be sure to run it through a fine strainer before you use it so bits won't clog the spray nozzle.

It works. You do have to repeat it fairly often if it rains.

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Pretty much any commercial repellant product is of organic origin. They are typically concoctions made from fermented eggs, hot peppers or other pungent plant extracts or predator urine. Bobex is a brand name for a very good deer repellant and Plantskydd makes both a deer, rabbit and other small mammal repellant.

These also need to be reapplied frequently due to rain/irrigation and because their effectiveness fades over time. It is also suggested to alternate between two or more products or methods as the critters become accustomed to a single product used repeatedly and then begin to ignore it.

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Someone did an article that appeared in Fine Gardening magazine a while ago that tested various Deer "repellents" and they concluded they worked kind of, somewhat, for a short while but that the deer apparently became used to them and ignored them.
I don't know if this video from PBS Nature would be of interest or help, but watching the hour long program may provide some insight to the problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: the private life of deer

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