save the plant whose flowers have died

muspic(5aOntario)May 27, 2011

My aunt went away for a couple of weeks and her orchid has bitten the dust.

i have no idea what variety but probably came from a supermarket or similar.

The top 2 inches or so have yelloed

the rest of the stem is fine and firm

one of the leaves was mushy and i have cut it off

the other 4 leaves are healthy

It was of course dry

She is happy to throw it away but i said we may be able to save it.


I really know nothing about orchids but want to try.


ps it will be coming to live with me now

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

You probably have a Phalaenopsis orchid. There is a set of notes put out by the Canadian Orchid Congress that are recommended by one of the regulars here.

Another source of Information is old Phalaenopsis Threads here. Just put Phalaenopsis in the search box at the top of this discussions page to find them.

Of course, i'm only guessing that you have a Phalaenopsis. You can find lots of orchid images on the net by searching for orchids and then selecting images.

hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Culture notes

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

I would be willing to bet that the plant is fine with a bit (but not too much TLC) it will recover. The brown stem is natural and just part of the flowers ending, not a vital part of the plant. And leaves dying is ok also of it is the oldest leaf that dies.

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