Pleurothallis titan, orange form

orchidnickMay 5, 2011

I have a yellow Pleuro titan which is a fantastic plant making tons of new leaves and has been in bloom with multiple flowers continuously since October. One of my favorite Pleurothallids. At the San Diego show I accidentally picked up a Pleuro titan (orange form). I got all exited expecting great things.

Today the first flower opened. Orange? How about a washed out brown. Has anyone seen this and what is the usual color of the 'orange' type?


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Talked to Andy, the originator of this plant of mine and was told that the color is an 'orangy-bronze'. Mystery solved, what to me looks like a washed out brown looks like an orangy bronze to others.

I really don't have a problem with it, just wanted to make sure there was not a tag mix-up.


PS Reminds me of the movie 'Ghost Busters' when Bill Murray turns to Aykroyd and says about his transformed love interest: "OK, so she's a dog".

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