Chilean, New Zealand or Lowe's brand Sphagnum Moss

NBAMA(7)May 14, 2011

I have had a simple experiment going on with three cheap white NOID phals for approximately eight months now. I bought all three plants at the same time from the same location. I repotted one in AAA New Zealand moss, one in 5 star Chilean moss and one in long fiber sphagnum from Lowe's. All three have basically been in the same conditions since repotting. That includes watering fertilizing, same fertilizer same water. I really can't tell any difference in the three. I had expected the two in the more expensive moss to really outgrow the one in the cheaper moss but they all look basically identical, including the roots. Would you think that it has not been long enough to compare them or would you just conclude that growing conditions are more important than medium? If the latter is the case I have been spending too much money on sphagnum moss because I typically repot every year any way.

Please let me know what you would take from this crude experiment as all three of them look very healthy and are basically identical.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have had about the same experience ,though I use crushed lava rock due to growing outdoors. Some of the very cheap brands of sphag are about 50 percent sticks so it's easy to see why they don't work.
Another thing have not seen any difference between the LR and the 5 times more expensive hydroton.

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I wouldn't really expect much of a difference as the quality difference isn't all that significant between the three. Though I will point out that if the lowes stuff is what I think it is (BetterGro), then you double dipped because that particular brand IS Chilean moss (read the side of the bag).

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I grow several things including phals in the "Better Gro". That's the only moss I use, works great. The one you don't want to use is the darker brown moss that Lowe's carries. It comes from Minnesota or Wisconsin; it breaks down really

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Terpguy, you are right. I never even looked at the side of the bag.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

I agree with ginnibug, the brown moss from Lowe's is not worth buying; horrible stuff. Home Depot has some very nice sphrag the last I looked, and at a good price -- I don't remember if it was Chilean or NZ, but it was good quality. I buy NZ sphag by the bale from a seller on Ebay. Any good quality moss will do well for you.

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Depends how much you use. I buy a bale from Cal West Tropical Plant Supply and when you do the math, the smaller portions that you get at HD or Lows are much more expensive. I religiously replace SM every spring at the beginning of the growing season so lower quality would probably do as well but if you buy a large amount, even the good stuff becomes cheap.


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