Started the outside/inside dance, anyone else?

westoh Z6May 20, 2011

Have put out a few masdies, a couple of C. intermedias, a phrag, and few others, mostly intermediate growers. Plus my 50+ bulb growth Elmore Orchids catt hybrid (forget name), it's friggin' huge in a 10" clay pot, Note: I got to bust it up this summer. Put them out last week, but then we got down in the low 40's with highs in the low 50's this week, so back in they came. Back out again now, hopefully this group can stay out until fall or until it gets too hot for the masdies. Will wait a few more weeks before dragging out the warm growers.

Anyone else "doing the the 'kid two-step"?


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Me too. Out two weeks ago, in last week, out yesterday. I put out the few dens I have, a couple of cats, and a few oncids. Not much yet. I need to get the shade cloth up over the larger area before I can put much more out there.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

I thought my dancing was over a couple weeks ago, but over the past weekend the temperatures dropped into the 40s again and all the plants which had been put outside to get some good spring sunshine had to be lugged back into the greenhouse. They went out again this morning, hopefully for the last time until fall.

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Yep me too!I put some phrags out along w/ a nobile den. Tried to put out some catts but had to bring them back in. I think this weekend will be their kick out time until fall,or a storm,which ever comes first. if it storms too hard then I bring them back onto the screened in front

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

ginnibug, don't even say the word 'storm.' I don't want to even think about storms. :-)

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Last frost date for my area is May 30th. I always put everyone out first week of June (provided the weather cooperates).

I've been on pins and needles waiting. I think we are going to have a cold wet summer here in mts of western PA. Oh well, take what comes.

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You all are so kind to your plants. Once mine are outside, thats it. No two step for them, they get what they get!

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zzyzzyx(Lower MI)

I just stuck a few of my hardier plants out about two weeks ago, and after a few nights in the 40's when I brought them in, I just left things to sit out there. My vanilla got a little burnt, despite being in the shade. I think that's because it gets so little light during the winter for a plant its size. I've been growing it on a trellis, patiently looping it as it grows. I'm going to have to get a greenhouse if I ever want to see it flower.

Anyway, I'm really excited about summering outdoors. I've only tried a few plants at a time over the years, but this year, I had my husband build me a proper table for them, so I'm taking everyone out. I've had some bloom that hadn't bloomed for years (not even when I bought them) suddenly reward me with huge spikes, so I'm geeked to give them all a shot of real sunshine!

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westoh Z6

I've stopped the dance myself. Burnt one leaf on a large P. violacea alba pretty badly and really crisped a Night Blooming Cereus, but overall things outside are doing well.

Have about 60% out, plan on taking out a few violacea seedlings and some mounties (have to build an area) this weekend and bringing in the cooler growers as we are expecting hot temps through next week. Those cool growers will stay in until fall or next year depending on fall temps.


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So sorry I haven't been here in awhile, been busy w/ kids getting done w/ school for the year. Now just need to deal w/ summer camps....and work.

Yes I said storms or should I say"Holy Crap STORMS!!!!",because they certainly have been marching through here. Some of my coworkers are kind of oblivious to them but a couple years ago we had some go through our yard two years in a row. So I'm kinda sensitive to the Tornado sirens.

Now back to sending the "Orcs" to summer camp! Someone gave me some pot hangers.I was a bit reluctant to use them at first,I figured setting them on something was sufficient. I realized after trying a couple hangers that I didn't get all the bugs and tag alongs like I had been getting.Now i need more pot hangers. gb

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