Smothering yellow jacket nest in compost pile

kristinalynnJuly 9, 2012


I bought a house with a "compost pile" that consists mostly of fallen pine branches. This weekend I tried cleaning it out only to discover the hard way that there is a yellow jacket nest buried deep within it. Normally I wouldn't mind waiting until the winter time to dig that sucker out, but I'm holding a house warming party here in early August and I know that yellow jackets become more active and aggressive in the summer heat.

The method that I am most interested in trying is laying a tarp over the compost pile, placing rocks over the top and clipping the tarp to the wire fence in an attempt to cook the nest. I haven't found any anecdotal evidence of anyone actually trying this aside from whoever told the writer of an ehow article about this method.

Anyway, has anyone tried this? I'm concerned that the yellow jackets would nibble through the tarp.

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rosiew(8 GA)

I'm concerned about your safety if you install the tarp. I've never heard of this method and don't give much credence to ehow, but ..........if you do it, you'd have to do it in the dark, after the yellow jackets have returned to the nest for the night.

I'm in Georgia. Don't find the yellow jackets to be aggressive unless the area near the nest is disturbed.

Hope you'll get more advice, also hope you'll post your results.

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Putting a tarp over that "compost" pile will not be enough to smother that nest and they will simply find another way out to continue doing what they do, if they do not already have a second entrance/exit in place.
Talk with the people at your local office of your state universities Cooperative Extension Service who may have some ideas on eliminating this nest.

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Thanks for the feedback! I guess that we'll put up a warning sign for the party, avoid mowing there, and just wait it out for a few months.

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