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orchidnickMay 12, 2014

Kawamoto Orchids on eBay used to be one of my favorite sites. Great plants at very reasonable prices with the only drawback the $12 shipping rate. If however, you bought several plants, combined shipping blunted that and the total cost was very reasonable. Lately they dramatically increased their prices and are offering free shipping.

If you deduct $12 from each plant, one ends up with something close to the original price. The positive effect of 'combined shipping' is totally lost. Any retail salesman knows that $19.95 is a lot less than $20 and posts their prices accordingly. I find the new prices of Kawamoto so offensive I simply stopped looking at their site. Has anyone else had the same reaction?


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Well, I still look but then I never ordered more than 2 or 3 orchids at a time so the price wasn't much of an issue. I admit that "free shipping" is becoming the magnet that draws many buyers like me. My preference is to buy out of bloom orchids at a couple local garden centers (Gardeners Supply) when they're about 50-75% off.

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Well,as I said before, doesn't bother me.Probably because my
husband owns a small business and I know how difficult it is to make a decent living.
Everyone wants a deal.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

The reason for the free shipping is ebay takes a cut of the shipping cost and sellers have to make up the differences out of pocket, I do all my ebay auctions with free shipping just to save on ebay fees.

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I find free shipping a total turn off as all the advantage of 'combined shipping' is lost. If you bought a Blc for $12 and added $12 for shipping you'd pay the same as what's being charged today.If on the other hand you bought several plants and let them sit there for 2 to 3 weeks until you have 7 or 8 ready to ship, then the discount for combined shipping becomes monumental Shipping cost would be cut in half or even less.

None of that is possible now as you are being charged the full price for every plant purchased. Whether you buy one or 5, shipping is 'FREE'. In reality it is anything but as I suspect the full price of a single shipping is added to each plant depriving the customer of the opportunity to lower the shipping cost by making multiple purchases from one vendor.


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Same thing, I got frustrated they raised the prices that I don't even look at their orchids anymore. Why? I know I wouldn't buy them again. Not for $27

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

At the very start of this new 'free shipping' policy, you were still able to get truly great deals for the first few weeks or so. I bought a Neofinetia falcata (Shutenno x Koto -- a red x yellow cross) for $15.00 incl free shipping. So I paid $3 for the plant, and mine actually has more fans than the ones pictured today on eBay for $29 w/ shipping.

Should have paid greater attention to those earlier listings. I remember there were lots of $15 plants which I didn't have an interest in.

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