dye-ing phalaenopsis

ashes_of_the_fire(6B)May 30, 2012

no emergency here, just thought that i'd share a bit of recently acquired knowledge with anyone who's interested.

a while back, someone had posted that ordinary food dye could be injected into the flower stalks of a phalaenopsis to dye the flowers. I just tried this on my plant and it works!

It will take an awful lot of dye to get full colour saturation, and the stalk has track marks, but so far no flowers have fallen off, and no leaves or roots have died.

just thought you all might like to know that this doesn't appear to be harmful to the plant, this is it's 2nd week of having dye in its system.


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whitecat8(z4 MN)

I treasure my Phals for the exact coloring and markings they have naturally. Sometimes, mass production growers dye Phals for the big box stores. You're the first individual I recall who's colored a Phal. WhiteCat8

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I think that dyeing tends to shorten the flower life of most things quite a bit. Plants that are sprayed with dye/pigment such as poinsettias definitely tend to abort the flowers/bracts much faster than ones that are not.

A regional chain of "superstores" here in the midwest was promoting their blue phals for Mothers Day. Quite a disgusting abomination IMHO, and most of them were pretty dead looking in the store already, whether it was the dye or just the fact that, like any big box, they abuse the plants, is hard to say.

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bobyoe(z6 PA)

That blue is really shockingly unnatural, isn't it?

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