Using miracle-gro potting soil with organic seeds..still organic?

minal(6)July 14, 2011

Well my question is in my title. I use miracle gro potting soil (the non-organic version) and have grown plants from organic heirloom seeds. The only fertilizer I give them is the Jobes organic fertilizer stick and of the course the pre-mixed fertilizer already in the Miracle-Gro.

My question is, is my set up still organic?

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The MG potting soil contains non-organic fertilizer, so technically no. Would I lose sleep over that? No.

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Definitely not. That doesn't make you an evil person, but, definitely not organic.

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Using any source of synthetic fertilizers means that you are not organic in any way. Just asking the question indicates you suspected the answer.

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haa haaa...ok I got the point. I did try the organic potting soil from miracle gro- last year and I think it didnt do as well as the original miracle I switched back.
So if I want to do total organic...I have to make my own soil mixture? or do people buy ready made organic soil? I grow most of my vegetables in containers.

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I don't do much container gardening, but I have seen other brands of organic potting mixes. That said, it would most likely be far more economical to make up your own mix.

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There are probably close to a hundred recipes on line for potting soil mixes acceptable to an organic gardener but I have had good success with my compost for many years, even though there are amny that tell me it will not work and my plants will die although they have produced a bountiful harvest growing in that medium. This link may be of some help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Potting soil

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feijoas(New Zealand)

When I'm growing seedlings, the mix I use has the same ingredients, but in different ratios depending on the plant's maturity: seed-starting is about 40% coconut coir, 40% perlite and 20% finished compost. When I pot up, it's about 20-20-60%.

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myluck(5 In)

Miracle Gro does make a organic planting soil (to mix in around plants in your garden as you plant them) so does Jiffy. I used them to start seedlings this year without adding any soil and had good results. I get them both at Lowe's who also carries organic top soil in 40 lbs bags relatively inexspensive. You might be able to make a mix of yoir own with those

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