orchid flower dying off

gran5May 8, 2014

bought my orchid first of November 2013, did great all winter, then about a month ago the stem and flowers died. My gd got one in March, the flowers on it has died also.

Wondering if this is normal and should be repotted? any info would be appreciated!

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You need to give a bit more information,example what kind of orchid,where do you grow it,were all the blooms open when you got it,and a picture says a thousand word post a pic so we can see what we are dealing with.velleta

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From what I can tell they are moth orchids, all that is there is the green leaves and they look fine and healthy, the stem kept putting out new blooms, then finally finished and died. I would send a pic, but left my camera at my sons. I do keep it in a south window, not in direct light.

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Going on very little information but here goes: flowers do not live forever. The flowers and stem will die, the plant will put on new growth and then, if grown well, the plant will re-flower.

On Phalaenopsis orchids the stem will sometimes remain green. Do not cut it; it will often re-bloom from that stem.

I re-pot my orchids about once a year when they are about to start a growth burst.


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For the flip side of that coin: I have only left a green stem (spike) once, and I'll never do it again. I typically cut the spikes after all the flowers are spent, and let it grow another next season.

This particular orchid had 8 gorgeous blooms when I bought it. When they were all spent and dropped, the spike stayed green, so I left it, out of curiosity. A few months later, it produced three more flowers. Small, wimpy flowers, on a leggy, crooked spike. It's been chopped, and I'll let the plant take a break and start from scratch next time. Maybe it will produce more than three pitiful blooms.

Keep caring for the orchid through the summer/fall, and sometime in January or February, you may see a new spike. By March/April, you may have flowers!

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I've never had that happen. Maybe it is best to let the plant bloom on an old spike to see how it does. Then you will know whether to cut it or let it re-bloom.


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I agree with Linda,I have a white phal and when all the blooms were gone,it continued to grow from the tip and produced more lovely blooms and its still in bloom now.Velleta

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Just have to stay my spike died all the way down, but the green leaves are looking very healthy, thinking of the advice to just wait, I did repot it, maybe next fall it will send out another shoot.

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rosannepatterson(z5 PA)

My 2 Phal has flower several times but the last time the buds don't want to open and the couple that did didn't last. This year they aren't opening at all and one bud fell off. The the second side stem stopped developing. I think it needs transplanted but can I do it now?

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Cut the spike, You can repot now and let the plant grow new leaves over the summer months. In the fall the plant will grow a new spike which should flower in Nov/Dec.


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