Cymbidium Miss Taipei

catlover_gardenerMay 9, 2011

I bought a monstrosity of an orchid ove the weekend called Miss Taipei. It had split the plastic pot and has four flower spikes not yet opened but will in a week or so it seems.

I don't want to divide bz I am afraid to do so, and bz I am told it like to be potbound. Problem is the roots encircled the pot, and the medium is consumed by the roots. He is a huge fellow.

How do I repot after blooms are spent. The plant is half out of its pot and the pot has split its sides. I anticipate that if I tease the roots apart, I will end up with a root system that is twice its size since they are now tightly wound together and will spread apart when loose. They also seem very long. I am afraid to do anything.

Can I just put in a larger pot without removing medium. Say 10". Current pot is 8".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

While you are enjoying the flowers you have a chance to sharpen your chain saw and axe and/or machete.

Cut away the pot, then cut off the bottom third of the roots. Do this much even if you decide just to move it to a bigger pot.

If the new growth is coming from all sides of the plant, then consider up-potting. If from only one side, then divide. Cut down the oldest side and start pulling apart. You cannot use finesse, just get it apart into usable sized groups of pseudobulbs of at least 3. 5 is better. Put the divisions in pots large enough for at least a year's growth, 2 years if there are good roots.

I use a mix of commercial potting soil and perlite, but I am willing to defer on that since Cymbidiums are not a focus.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Why don't you try it in the garden? Many Cyms are frost hardy down to freezing. I'm not sure where Santa Royale is but if it is a coastal area, I'm pretty sure it would do well. Big Cyms look terrific in the border. If your soil is clayey I would dig in some sand and humus. - Ian.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

Here in Napa the winter rain is hard on outdoor Cymbidiums, and I understand that Florida is not good for Cymbidiums outdoors either. If they are sheltered from the rain, they grow well in our climate. In fact I am adding sheltered space to the greenhouse this coming week and I plan to have a couple of Cyms there.

The location of Santa Royale is hard to describe. It is mostly a state of mind.

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I tried to take out of pot and they (2) are stuck fast. So I am going to cutthe pots.
The babies are all around the plant as well as spikes. Let me tell you, the roots are tightly woven around the plant. I have never seen a plant like this.
I am almost afreaid to cut roots.
I cannot put it in a garden bz I live in a townhouse complex, so it's a pot for thiese guys.

I have heard on this forum that one should not overpot.
How about if, after I take off the old medium, I put the same plant whole into a bigger pot, say a 12" or 14".

Would that be considered overpotting. That way I won't feel so afraid and I wouldn't be traumatising it so much.,. I think. Am I being silly? You can say so..LOL!

That way I will have 2 huge plants.

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

It's different in Miami.
My advice...see the Orchid Dr. There will be re-potting service at the Redlands this weekend.
(I've only killed cymbidiums so I'm no help.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchid Dr.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The Cymbidium gurus around here pot on till they get the plant into something around about a 12 inch pot size and then they start again by dividing the plant into sections of 4 or 5 pseudobulbs and potting the divided sections in smaller pots.

In your case i'd plump for potting on once the flowers are finished.

Maybe the correct name of your plant is Miss Taipei Unveiled and it is one of those so called warmth tolerant Cymbidiums.

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I love Cyms but find repotting is a real task so parted with all but a handful. One of those I kept is Cym Meglee 'Ms Taipee'.

The last horrific storm we had knocked the pots over, sucked out the potting mix and the plants. I had to gather them up through the yard afterward. Thankfully I only have four as I now need to wait till they bloom before I can id who is who - no markers to be found anywhere!

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