To cut ... or NOT to cut???

LynneNY(z6)May 3, 2011

I have a couple of phals and have been reading both directions and am getting so confused! I've only be successful in getting one to rebloom - on the old stems of one I bought last year.

Now I was gifted with a Blue Diamond (the horror of it!) and the tag says:

"when flowers fade, cut spike near the base of the plant, and put the plant in a new location for 4-8 weeks. Keep the temperature consistent at 50-60*F. When a new flower spike emerges, return plant to original location to encourage flowering."

I have never been lucky enough to have a new stem grow on any of these plants, but as I said, was finally successful on the old stems of last years purchase.

What to do? What to do???

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

You should either cut or not cut. Cutting is better for the long-term health of the plant. Not cutting can allow the spike to branch and produce a few more flowers.

The reason that your plants have not re-bloomed is that the light level where you are growing it is too low. A nice east window without direct sunlight will do it.

The 50-60F instruction refers to the fact that these hybrids also respond to a fall temperature drop. I have heard of people putting Phals in the garage each night for a month to fool the plant.

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Richards right, increase your light. I will say though that since you are in z6 they can take a bit of direct sunlight. Sun up till noon or maybe 4 til sunset. This is how I grow mine here in z7 and they thrive.

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