Serenade; thoughts and results?

novice_2009(zone 6b)July 17, 2010

I recently ordered some Serenade. From what I can gather so far, it's better at prevention and not tx?

I haven't used it yet, but have plants that would benefit from it.

I'm wondering: Has anyone used this?

What do you think of it? What have been your results with it as far as preventing/controlling dx?

Is it too late in the year to use it?

Any comments greatly appreciated!!! Thanks.

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I used to work in a laboratory that tested out various fungicides on citrus trees. Serenade provided about 50 percent control of whatever disease we were testing it on. This isnÂt very good compared to the industry standard fungicide. Here is the good news though. I have a feeling that with organic fertilizer plants will experience less pressure from disease. I canÂt prove that but that is what I've noticed. With less pressure from disease you can get away with a less powerfull fungicide. Its a protectant like all fungicides. You have to apply it before infection. If the tissue you are trying to protect expands rapidly then you will have exposed spots that will be susceptible to infection. You may need to spray several times. What do you mean my tx and dx?

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There have been some reports here on GW on Serenade. Have you done an all site search yet? The 'other' organic fungicide, Actinovate, is controlling a serious Take-All fungus problem plaguing my St. Augustine lawn. I have also seen posts which indicate Actinovate is working well on tomato fungus problems. Do some research to see if it would help whatever your situation is. Just remember, treatment of fungus problems must start early in the growing season to be most effective.

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Serenade is a bio fungicide and needs to be applied to the plants before the disease it is to control appears, or at the very first sign of that disease, and that is one reason why some research has not found it to be very effective, they applied it too late in the progression of the disease.
Many people, mostly those of "conventional" gardening bent of mind, think all plants will get diseases, and that will be true for those "conventional" gardeners. However an organic garden with a good healthy soil will see less of that kind of a problem.

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novice_2009(zone 6b)

Thanks for the input. Disease of spicebush has taken hold, so I guess it won't help it? Perhaps I will use it in the future when putting out new plants prone to fungal problems, for ex: tomato.
I was wanting to save the spicebush....I haven't seen Actinovate in any of my gardening catalogs, and can't order anything online.
Thanks again.

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Manure, all fungicides are not protectants, there are those that are systemic locally and those that are translocated throughout the plant. S and Cu formulations are examples of some other protectant types.

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Whoops, I meant to say not all fungicides are protectants.

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Serenade worked on my tomato plants......after the disease hit. Early blight was taking a hold of them and i have them way too closely planted. I also had end blossom rot.... I picked off as many bad leaves as I could, used some calcium carbonate (added to water) and watered them with it for extra calcium, and then sprayed with serenade several times - and I have great looking tomato plants now.

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1) Has anyone used Serenade with seed propagation (in my case I am looking at Hosta seed).

2) has anyone used this product in direct tandem with other fertilizers ot should it be appointed separately?

Peter Kelley
St. Paul, MN USA

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