Tarnish Plant Bug

Patty W. zone 5a IllinoisJuly 9, 2012

I need help on battling the tp bug. I came here because most of you understand why I won't use pesticides. Besides they have already documented chemical resistance in this pest. This little guy is devastating in large numbers in most food crops. I believe their so bad here because the drought has destroyed their natural feeding grounds. If you think theirs no devastating pest of daylilies ya haven't met tpb. I don't even wish to mention whats happened to the veggie garden. Can anyone tell me for sure wether or not something like safers insecticidal soap will hurt preying mantis and lady bugs.

There are mantis out there by the armloads and some lady bugs but this drought seems to be taking a toll on any other predators. If anyone has ideas it will be greatly appreciated. Pat

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zackey(GA 8b)

I just googled it. The advice was to control weeds. They live and hide in the weeds. If they don't have weeds it will cut down on the population.

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