Orchid behavior help new parent

ChatanoogaChooChoo(7b)May 23, 2011

My mom bought me an orchid for my birthday, I've always wanted orchids. Used to spend hours researching them. Proper care of orchids seems to be eluding me though, I'm so used to succulents which can be neglected. Orchids seem finicky and mysterious. The flowers are dying, which I expected, but the flower stalk is a light brown / yellow color and wrinkling up. Is this normal? I think it's a Phalaenopsis if that matters.

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That just means the plant is done flowering. Go ahead and cut the flower stem down as far as you can. Give it fair light (next to a window....it can't be in the middle of a room), or even stick it outside in a protected area--covered porch, i.e.--where it can get morning sun til noon, or evening sun from 3-sunset. For it to rebloom for you, it must get a nighttime drop in temperature of about 15F, which is not a problem outside, especially during the fall.

Good luck with your new 'chid!

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