Cholla cactus skeleton for mounting, any suggestions?

picotee_sofl(Z10)May 20, 2008

I picked up a nice, hard cholla cactus skeleton this morning and am soaking it now in preparation for mounting a couple of my mini catts. Anyone use them? Any suggestions? Wondering how lasting they are. TIA


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kckerobe(Zone 8 TX)

I used for a few different plants... Paph Sanderium seedlings don't seem to care for them, I guess it maybe be they are slow grower. The mini phals love them -- and it's very cool watching their big green roots wondering all over the pockets; my Ang didieri & Podangis dactyloceras each have 2 spikes & they are mounted on cholla wood. Gastrochilus japonicus took off big time when I switched it from pot to mounted (also cholla wood) -- the roots are just growing wild, snaking all over the wood.

As far as how long they last -- I am not sure, I only started using them this year. I lucked out & found the only bag left in the craft aisle @ Wal-mart (5 pieces in different dimension) one late night just right b4 the repotting frenzy started. They seem sturdy enough to my clumsy fingers during the mounting process.

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Thank you, kckerobe, I hadn't thought about mini phals but you just gave me a great idea. This may be just the ticket for my Phal mannii that just doesn't seem happy. Thanks for the suggestion! Marci

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I use cholla skeletons a lot for mounts one of them is at least 7 years old no sign of rotting I will put a picture in the gallery . Phals love them it is my choice of mounting material .. Gin

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paul_(z5 MI)

Gin, do you stuff the cholla with moss to retain water longer? Course with you having a greenhouse, I imagine you could just water more often.........

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Marci and Gin , I am waiting for pics on the gallery side>)
I was thrilled when I found some Louisiana drift wood in one of the local nurseries- about 4 feet tall- different shapes for 10 bucks a piece. Picked up a few, want to mount Schoms( mini like albopurpurea) and aggregatum on the entire mount. Can't wait for Hamlyn to return. BTW Marci, was Hamyln at Redlands?
Mounting Phals sounds very interesting- may go looking for some Cholla mounts!!

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Sambac - that driftwood sounds great and I wanna see pics when you mount those Schoms. That should be amazing. The aggregatum will be gorgeous- a shower of gold. Wow! I successfully (well, time will tell!) mounted my Phal mannii to the cholla and also mounted a tiny Phal lueddemanniana to a hollowed out cork 'tube.' Hope they are happy. I don't want to lose either one.
Re Hamlyn: I don't recall seeing them at Redland's but I could have missed them. The vendor list may still be up on the Redland's website.


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