Patio Tomato Variety??

organic49July 16, 2007

Can you please recommend a good variety of patio tomato that produces well and company that sells the seed. I want to try it next year. Thanks Every one,John :)

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Do you think you would want a determenant tomato (grows and sets fruit and ripens that fruit about the same time, usually height limited) or an indeterminent (grows up and sets and ripens fruit for a long time and can grow very tall and bushey). Would you want fruit fairly quickly (early season types ripen in 60 to 70 days) or would you want really large fruit that may not ripen until late in the season (80 to 120 days)
Maybe what you want would be the grape or cherry tomato cultivars, small salad sized fruits.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

sweet 100 [tend to split skins, but very thin snappy skin] or sweet millions [similar but thicker skinned, less split] - hands down the best taste to me - fairly early and grow like a jungle


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blueheron(z6 PA)

Isn't Sweet 100 a full size tomato plant? Even though they are cherry tomatoes? Or have they hybridized a patio size Sweet 100 tomato?

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this year a got the variety called patio and love. it has a good amount of fruit and taste good. make sure to stake it cause it will get heavy. i have it in a 12in nursery pot and should have went a little bigger

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

When you say patio tomato, I assume you'll be growing in containers. I've grown 200-300 different varieties, mostly heirlooms, and many of those in containers. If you think outside the red box, you'll find many great choices that do well in containers and don't get over 4-5ft tall. If you're looking for short plants, there's some really good ones but of course production will be an issue. Here's some great choices:

--Very small Determinate (sometimes just 18"), red oblate 6-8oz very firm fruits, 10-12oz possible, full bodied smooth, sweet taste, very early (55 days), likes damp soil.

--from Isbell in 1915, a sweet, delicious pink tomato. The notable thing is that it gives large fruit, nearly a pound, on a true dwarf plant that grows only about 2 feet tall. Supposedly, it originated from a cross between Ponderosa, a large pink indeterminate, with Dwarf Champion, a dwarf small fruited pink.

Red House Free Standing--Determinate Potato Leaf dwarf with rugose, crinkly foliage. Red 8.5oz. Flattened beefsteak in 5-7 clusters of 3-4 fruits. Very productive. Plant is 3ft tall, very bushy. Excellent flavor.

--Beautiful deep orange fruits 2-3 oz. About golf ball size. Rich and sweet. Very nice salad tomato. Very productive. From France. 3-4ft tall. About 75 days.

Lucky Leprechaun--Determinate. Good old-fashioned tomato flavor in a plant that will only grow 2 to 3 feet in height. Irish heirloom dates back to the early 1900s. Loaded with dozens of Ping-Pong ball sized, bright red fruit, bursting with the full tomato flavor that can only be found in old heirloom varieties! Their petite size makes it a natural for container growing.

--55-60 DAYS--A great Dwarf to compact determinate plant with large harvests of lime green, 3 to 7 ounce fruits, golden-green inside. Complex taste that's tangy, rich & sweet all in one. Great for containers.

--60-65 DAYS--Determinate plant, a super early variety. The plant produces a heavy crop of very good taste fruit for an early variety. With so many flower buds, I thought it was a Cherry tomato plant, however fruits were 2" to 3-1/2" size. Fruit load was so heavy I needed to stake & cage it. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A HYBRID FROM NORTH CAROLINA STATE'S MOUNTAIN CROPS RESEARCH STATION Series, BUT AN HEIRLOOM GROWN FOR YEARS IN THE MONONGAHELA NATIONAL FOREST REGION OF WEST VIRGINIA where local families have raised it for generations.

--58-60 DAYS--Determinate/bush. Red 3-4" flattened oblate fruits. Deep-orange to red, acidic. Unusual fern-like foliage silvery-grey-green color. Does great grown in containers.

--75 DAYS--Determinate. Rugose-leaved, compact growth. Seems very disease resistant - A super canner, out produces anything I have seen. Fruit larger & twice as much as Roma. Giant plum shaped to globe shaped. Expect 4 quarts of sauce per plant. NOTE: MINE CONTINUOUSLY TOPPLE THE CHEAP 3-RING HARDWARE STORE CAGES.

--Deep-orange fruited, compact Indeterminate, about 3-4ft when grown in a container. This tomato has a history: when the 6th earl of Edgecombe died, his next surviving relative, a sheep farmer in New Zealand, brought this tomato back with him when he returned to claim the title of 7th earl of Edgecombe. Many ORANGE tomatoes can be too mild, however this is not the case with Earl of Edgecombe. It has a great flavor, rich, sweet & tangy all in one. It's meaty with fewer seeds than most. Orange globes are usually 6-10oz, often forming in clusters of 3 or 4, very uniform in size, blemish-free, very crack resistant.

--40-45 DAYS!! (42 DAYS for me here in a 4 gallon container.) Similar in size to Stupice but even earlier! Quite possibly the best tasting of all the extra-early varieties. Potato leaf plant, about golf ball sized red fruits. While it's an Indeterminate, it's usually only 3-4ft for me.

I put my extra seeds on ebay every spring, usually late February, March & April for all the above (except Lucky Leprechaun, I'm out.) Some are pictured on the link on MyPage.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Have you checked out Garden Web's Tomato Forum?

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

Ooops, Jaune Flammee is at the link below.

P.S. all plates are 9-inch diameter...

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Has anyone heard of "Cherry Express"? I just bought one, and the label says it is determinate. I planted it in a large terra cotta pot, and I put some Romaine lettuce around it. Any experience with this variety would be appreciated.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

My all-time fave is 'Green Grape' then 'Black Cherry'. Both do well in larger containers. GG gets ~4-5 ft tall depending upon the length of your season.


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depends on your container, if you have a 5 gal size or larger you can grow any kind of tomato plant. I grow mine in 5 gal buckets on my driveway, they be doing fine!

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