Why does it take the USDA 5 days to examine a few plants.

orchidnickMay 26, 2012

I just received a parcel of Cyps from Fraser's Thimble Farm. This is the third time I have received goods from them over the last couple of years. They ship from British Columbia, Canada, use express mail and their parcels arrive in 3 days.

This time our beloved Agriculture Department inspected the plants, found everything to their satisfaction and then passed the plants one to me. It took them 5 days to inspect a handful of plants and by the time I got them (8 days in transit), they were in sad shape. 3 are yellow and look like they won't survive, the others are still green but have been bent at weird angles because of thoughtless repacking. Leaves and buds broken, some squashed.

I can see where we need to protect our Ag industry from foreign invasive pests but 5 days to inspect a shoe box size order and then repacking them carelessly makes my blood boil. I thought they are working FOR us not AGAINST us. All the documents were in order, the plants were clean and they got a clean bill of health but FIVE days!!!



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Nick, totally sympathize with the arrival condition of your order. It is very possible that your order was waiting in the line and happened to be there was a long line.

BTW Any goverment agency has never worked for us but works for Uncle Sam.

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3 plants totally 'browned out', 4 are OK. Wonderful! The grower said the 3 might come back, resprout from the tuber. They are under the bench in total shade.


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Sad to say there is either a single person doing all incomming (and possibly outgoing) for that entrance or those doing the inspecting have no idea what they are doing. You have to remember, when 9-11 occurred Homeland Security, in their infinite wisdom, felt the need to remove all the inspectors - trained in the field of horticulture/Agriculture etc - and moved them to human terrorism duty. They did this because they had no one trained in terrorism duty. So they trained the horticulture/Agriculture folks for terrorism (a dah moment!) duty.

"BTW Any goverment agency has never worked for us but works for Uncle Sam." Very true!

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