Burning nettle tea?

2ajsmamaJuly 2, 2011

I've seen that some people make a fertilizer from steeping stinging nettles - but can you use their Eastern cousin, burning nettle? What if they're mixed with milkweed?

I just helped my cousin mow and weed the blueberry patch, he used sickle bar mower so everything is all mixed up. I'm going back tomorrow to help cover the berries so the birds don't get them, figured I'd take a couple 30-gal containers and pick up (wearing gloves this time!) the stuff lying on the ground, bring it home to steep.

How much water for how many gallons of leaves/stems and how long to steep? My tomatoes are just starting to blossom, and the peppers aren't doing anything so they need a quick shot of N. He said he'd give my 5 gal of dry chicken manure to make a tea with so I have something to use right away.


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